Minimal service fee: 15 EURO / month

Student tracking: 0,2 EURO / student / month
Student tracking with reports: additional 0,2 EURO / student / month
Student tracking with email notifications: additional 0,2 EURO / student / month

If you need to track attendance for 100 students monthly service fee will be 20 EUROs. With additional reports 40 EUROs and with email notifications 60 EUROs. If the final price is below the minimal monthly fee, you will be charged the minimal monthly fee.

Email notifications can be enabled / disabled per student. If parents would like to be notified email notifications can be sent only for selected students.

If you do it right, parents can fully cover cost of the service. You can ask parents if they are interested in such service - to be able to check attendance online and receive email notifications. And your school can offer this service to them.

Cost of service per student and school year is 10 x 0,2 only 2 EUROs / student or 4 EUROs with reports and 6 EUROs / student / school year with email notifications. You can charge parents a little bit more to include the cost of badge holders and nice looking lanyards and provide this service to parents.

Parents can decide whether they want to opt in and get such service from your school. We provide the rest.