School Attendance

Student Attendance Tracking Online

School Attendance works similarly as Mobile Attendance. It uses ID cards with QR codes to identify students and keeps records online in Google Spreadsheets. Price starts at 0,2 EURO / student / month.

However, there are few main differences. School Attendance creates attendance spreadsheet for each day to handle hundreds of entries. Mobile Attendance creates one spreadsheet for entire month. So in School Attendance one spreadsheet = daily attendance. In Mobile Attendance one spreadsheet = monthly attendance.

Furthermore, when using School Attendance each student can have only one arrival and departure per day. No multiple arrivals / departures during day are allowed.

And finally, School Attendance does not count any duration. It only tracks arrivals and departures of students.

Student Attendance Report

School Attendance can create attendance reports for each student. This spreadsheet contains all attendance records for given student and can be shared with the student or his / her parents for reference. Parents can check attendance anytime online.

Email Notifications

System can be setup to send email notifications when a child arrives and leaves school to notify parents.

How to Get Started

Download School Attendance app from Google Play and request a free trial. We will guide you through the setup process and you can try it out for free.

Or scan this QR code and directly download app to your Android device.

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