Mobile attendance is offered as a usage-based service. We charge you only for number of employees tracked within your billing period. Monthly fee is counted as a number of employees tracked multiplied by the processing speed. You can set speed that suits your needs and control how much you pay.

Minimal service fee: 15€ / month

 Data updates  1 minute  1 hour  8 hours
 Price per employee per month  0,9€  0,6€  0,3€

For example if you need to track attendance for 20 employees and you choose update interval 1 minute your final monthly fee will be 20 x 0,9 = 18€ (EUROs). If you choose update speed 8 hours for 20 employees, the final monthly fee would not be only 6€ as it is below the minimal monthly fee, but 15€.

Data updates
Records are updated in spreadsheets in give intervals. In each updated max. 10 records (arrivals or departures) are processed. That means for 8 hours update max. 30 records daily, 1 hour max. 240 records daily and for 1 minute max. 14 400 records daily. Keep in mind, if you choose slower data update and you record within a day more records than can be updated processing will take longer and attendance records will be queued and processed later.