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Customers from around the world use Mobile Attendance to track attendance easily and conveniently using Android devices. Our customers range from The United States of America to New Zealand. Be smart and become one of them!

Selected References

INDEX NOSLUŠ, SK - largest personnel agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia uses Mobile Attendance to track presence of agency workers at their customers; supervisors oversee attendance online; in case a worker does not arrive on time or within a defined time window supervisors can quickly respond to this situation

Atlanta Speech School, USAto ensure children safety the school uses our mobile attendance tracking system to track more than 160 students every day during a car pool pick up; authorized personnel supervise car pool remotely; they have accurate information which children have been picked up already and how many children is waiting for pickup

Summer Principal Academy, Columbia University, USA - teachers use Mobile Attendance during summer courses to track attendance of more than 200 students daily; our cloud based system processes more than 10 000 attendance records monthly

Sen Ventures, New Zealand - construction company uses Mobile Attendance to track workers in the field on multiple construction sites; using our FaceCapture technology they can not only track attendance but using the tablets in the field workers can capture current situation and pictures with accurate GPS location are automatically sent to to headquarters if needed

Tarring Co, South Africa - tar and paving contractors company uses our mobile attendance tracking solution to track attendance of workforce on multiple construction sites

Momentum Church, USA - customer uses Mobile Attendance to track children attendance at Sunday's church services to ensure their safety; system was integrated with customer's Solve360 CRM system to easily pull out data from CRM and create ID cards for children