How It Works

Mobile Attendance saves your time and money.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response and these codes were designed to be quickly optically recognized. QR codes are heavily used in automation and process tracking. In Mobile Attendance QR codes uniquely identify employees.

ID Cards

Each employee has an ID card containing a unique QR code. Advantage of Mobile Attendance is that you can create ID cards easily and quickly and it costs you literally nothing.

Furthermore it takes you just a few menites to create an ID card.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create ID cards

Mobile Scanner

At the entrance to your workplace is located a mobile scanner. Mobile scanner is an Android smartphone or tablet with installed application Mobile Attendance.

Employee selects arrival or departure, scans an ID card a time is recorded. Record is then sent for further processing to our cloud based system.

Attendance records are then inserted in real time into Google Spreadsheets containing daily and monthly attendance records. You can access attendance data online anytime and from anywhere using your Gmail or Google Apps account.

During the trial you can use only one device. Paying customers can use up to ten devices to track attendance.

Scanners can be placed at the entrance, at a reception or you can track attendance on the go.

Who can benefit from this solution

Companies who need to track attendance of full-time employees or part-time employees and are looking for simple and reliable solution for mobile attendance tracking. Also schools can use Mobile Attendance to track students. And self-employed professionals can use it for project tracking.

Use cases

I am a company owner

For my part-time employees I would like to track attendance and pay only for time they spend working for me. I would like to let my assistant and accountant supervise the attendance. In addition I want to let my accountant prepare payroll based on the attendance data collected.

I would like to check attendance of employees anytime from anywhere and from any device.

I am an owner of a restaurant

I have a lot of part-time workers mostly waitresses who keep changing frequently. Now we track attendance on a paper attendance sheet. I need a system which will record arrivals and departures of my workforce so I can pay them for the time they work for me.

I am an owner of a construction company

At each construction site, I have my own people, but I employ part-time, temporary or seasonal workforce. I want to track on the go, when my external employees arrive and leave the construction site based on the time I want to pay them. Furthermore I want to track also GPS location.

School Attendance Tracking

We would like to track attendance of students. Also we would like to track attendance when children are picked up by parents so we can remotely supervise this process and we know which children have been picked up already.

I am a teacher

I would like to track attendance of my students in a classroom.