Mobile Attendance - your electronic attendance sheet

Mobile Attendance was designed from the ground as a simple and reliable mobile attendance tracking system.

The whole solution is integrated directly into Google Drive. Attendance data are processed in real time and available in Google Spreadsheets. All you need is a Gmail or Google Apps account. It is so simple! No extra accounts.

Basic features and advantages:
  • modern and affordable electronic attendance tracking
  • attendance as a service no costly attendance terminals
  • quick setup and easy of use - anyone can start using it within few minutes
  • easy creation of ID cards - you can do it yourself and it literally costs you nothing
  • convenient access to attendance data using your Gmail or Google Apps account
  • supervise attendance in real-time anytime and from anywhere
  • share and collaborate with your coworkers HR and accountants
  • track GPS location in the field
  • FaceCapture feature that automatically detects faces and stores images
  • system works with multiple devices simultaneously:
    • you can track attendance in multiple branches / locations / construction sites
    • you can track attendance on multiple places within one location (main / rear entrance)
  • appearance customization of the main screen (company logo)
  • automatic calculation of work hours
  • monthly summary report for each employee
  • off-line support in remote areas
  • automatic data synchronization via Google Drive to other devices
  • data expot to Excel, CSV and PDF
  • and many other useful features