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Creating ID Cards

Mobile Attendance uses ID cards with QR codes to identify employees. First thing you need to do is to create ID card for each employee. This short video demonstrates how to create ID cards literally withing few seconds.

Create Spreadsheet With Employees

Create new Google spreadsheet and populate it with employee data. For each employee you need to specify unique ID, name and surname.

You can take a look on this sample document and use the value defined there.

Install QR Code Generator Add-On

Once you have entered data into the spreadsheet install QR Code Generator add-on which will create ID cards for you. Open the add-on and select ID cards option.

Then select range containing all employees and press GENERATE. The add-on can generates QR codes in one single Google Document which you can print out or you can generate QR codes as PNG files and create more fancy ID cards.

Selecting Employees

To create ID cards for employees you must select a row with exactly three columns where the first row is the ID of an employee, the second name and the third value is surname,

Or multiple rows.

You can select a range with empty rows. Empty rows will be skipped.

Rows will be skipped also if:
  • any of the three values is empty
  • any of the three values contains more than 100 characters